Hi, I'm Derp, a Degen Trader and Creator of $DERP. So I've got a story, I was sitting in front of my screens, pondering life's deepest question, "Why do these degens keep aping farms and end up getting rekt? why not make a coin that brings laughter and big profits?" And that's when I birthed $DERP. Every time you bought $DERP. you stumbled upon a 'Degen Quote of the Day.' It was like a daily dose of degen wisdom, with funny pictures, trading words, and sometimes, mentions of "moon lambo."
One day, I decided to make things even more exciting. We organized the "Derp Meme Competitions." The winners received extra $DERP, and it became super fun, even the term $DERP started trending worldwide. The surprising part was that while all this fun and wild trading was happening, the value of $DERP skyrocketed. Some degens were saying, "This community is actually putting cash in my pocket!" Moral of the story? In the crypto space, even the funniest, most degen ideas can lead to huge gains. So, don't forget to bring your inner degen along on your crypto adventures, you might just find yourself degening all the way to the moon!

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Contract Address: FNjHaKbG5jT32SQfuujzGt5qXqAUcQFdhDeiVtzbCDee

Ticker: DERP

Nework: Solana

Supply: 1,000,000

Liquidity: Burnt


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